Adobe Animate to Google Display Ads

Version 1.2 - 2021

Easy convert html5 banners from Adobe Animate CC to Google Display Ads. Select your published HTML file from Adobe Animate CC, fill out the fields below and overwrite the HTML file.

Setup 'Publish Settings' in Adobe Animate CC before you publish
(see more):
Check 'Loop Timeline' for looping x times (see more), Deselect the image folder to publish images in the same folder as the html file, Uncheck 'Combine into spritesheets' and select 'Hosted libraries' in the HTML/JS tab. Name the file in the correct format: WxH_name (Ex 320x200_filename).

When you have costomized and downloaded the new HTML file, zip the folder and check out the final banner in Google HTML5 Validator.

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